The Land of Yes and The Land of No

Bonachela Dance Company presents

Tuesday 2 March at 8pm

Auditorium - £18 (£16.50), £16 (£14.50), £14 (£12.50)


Composer: Ezio Bosso

Producer: Bonachela Dance Company

Choreographer: Rafael Bonachela

In a new collaboration with composer Ezio Bosso, Rafael Bonachela delves into the world of signs and symbols that rule our everyday lives and spark our hidden memories.

The Land of Yes and The Land of No explores the human psyche, the power of imagination and the body’s ability to give physical shape to memory, experience and emotions.

Bonachela’s instinctive, dynamic and highly physical movement is both beautifully abstract and intensely emotive, matched by a rich, expressive score from Italian composer Ezio Bosso.

Prices £18 (£16.50), £16 (£14.50), £14 (£12.50) Bargain Seats £10 Quids In £8.50

Dates & Times

The Land of Yes and The Land of No - Tue 2 Mar 8:00pm Tue 2 Mar Auditorium 8:00pm


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