Dame Judi Dench - patron of the Nottingham Playhouse seat appeal

A Seat With Your Name

A Seat With Your Name

Why not commemorate a special occasion, make a wonderful surprise gift, advertise your company, or remember a loved one by dedicating a seat in our auditorium?

Dedicating a seat costs just £200 (£160 for Playhouse Pass members and Platinum Playhouse donors).

Pledge your support for Nottingham Playhouse, become an important part of a local landmark, and receive a lasting tribute in the theatre that you love. Dedicate a seat today by downloading and completing this form. Please contact us at supportus@nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk for more information.

Dame Judi Dench, who was a key part of the Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company in the 1960’s, is the patron of our dedicate a seat appeal. Dame Judi recently stressed the importance of dedicating a seat in our auditorium, saying:

I have so many glorious memories of the time I spent at Nottingham Playhouse. In fact, I could probably write a small book! I was part of a fantastic company in the 1960s, under the directorship of the peerless John Neville. I was lucky enough to work on some fabulous productions and was even part of a company that toured West Africa in 1963 – the first professional theatre company to do so. It was a very happy time.

When I was asked to become Patron of the Nottingham Playhouse Seat Appeal, I was delighted to do my bit. I believe passionately in the importance of regional theatre. With local authority funding on the decrease, and corporate sponsorship of the arts waning, it is so important for us, as individuals, to play our part and support our local theatres.

It is in your hands to help ensure that Nottingham Playhouse can continue to offer inspirational education work, can keep producing world-class work, and can continue to give new actors and directors the kind of opportunities I enjoyed in my time here.

One easy way in which you can make a huge difference to Nottingham Playhouse – and also take your own very special place in the theatre’s history – is by dedicating a seat in the auditorium. Your plaque will not only make you a permanent part of the Playhouse, it will also have a big impact, financially. It could mean an extra drama workshop for local children, or important renovation work to the theatre’s Studio Theatre. It could even make an important difference to the budget of a main stage production. It is your chance to play a role in the future successes of Nottingham Playhouse.