Story Explorers

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Inspire libraries will continue for another 3 wonderful shows, visiting even more libraries and venues around Nottingham.

Story Explorers has so far taken families on adventures Under the Sea, through icy Polar landscapes and through the Fantastical Forest. The coming year will see new adventures in the Desert, to the Moon and into the Jungle.

In partnership with Inspire Libraries, early years specialists from the Nottingham Playhouse participation team have created a bespoke programme of interactive storytelling sessions for children aged 2 – 5 years and their families. Through puppetry, music and sensory play Story Explorers will unleash your child’s imagination and take them on a magical and exciting storytelling adventure.

“_Spectacular event! Talented performers, really engaging – my son loved it and he’s really wriggly and easily distracted normally!_”

Nottingham Playhouse are proud to be taking stories into the community and collaborating with libraries is the perfect way to unlock the power of words, images, senses and storytelling.

The Story Explorer sessions take inspiration from the natural environment, habitats, climates and animals. You and your child will be lead on a guided journey to new imaginative spaces, together you will explore different sensory experiences linked to the environment. Bespoke interactive storytelling will provide extended opportunities for your child to have greater confidence with stories and language.

“We loved the interactive nature of the performance, the music and the age range, the performance was aimed at! Lovely to have such quality brought to a local venue and for it to be accessible to all”

Take a look at our trailer for our 2018 Story Explorers show – Under The Sea: