In House

In House

The In House project provides a series of workshops that gave local vulnerable and disadvantaged adults the opportunity to engage with the theatre and performing arts, often for the very first time. The project, which is supported by the generosity of the public; gave people the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of all aspects of the performing arts but also helped to build confidence and improve overall wellbeing.

At the end of the term, we shared what was created with an audience of family and friends. The performance was a huge step for some, putting participants a long way out of their comfort zone. But what was so fantastic about In House is that people overcame personal barriers and felt the excitement and pride of having done something they never thought they could.

We work with people who had all sorts of things going on in their lives, from experience of homelessness, substance misuse, difficult family situations or mental health problems. No-one is obliged to talk about it, they can leave these issues at the door and focus on what we we’re doing. In House provides a social, supportive and creative space where people can feel comfortable and express themselves. In some cases this is the only experience of social interaction or just getting out of the house they had each week. For others it is the first step towards re-engaging with their community and other people within it – it can really be life changing.

We are delighted that In House is continuing into the Autumn term. Sessions will run every Tuesday afternoon from Tuesday 17 September – Tuesday 3 December (no sessions on 22 or 29 October)

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