Sweet Charity Reviews Round-Up

Thursday 6th September 2018

cracking revival with Rebecca Trehearn a pitch-perfect lead ★★★★

The Guardian

Every swivel, every costume and every oompah count in a musical that’s a unique mixture of the kooky and the countercultural ★★★★

The Times

Rebecca Trehearn Delights ★★★★

The Stage

This is a sparkling, high-octane production, pulsing with the ‘rhythm of life’ ★★★★★

East Midlands Theatre

This musical will blow your socks off

Kev Castle Theatre Reviews

the sights and sounds of a sweet success

Nottingham Post

the theatre has pulled out all the stops out to create something with extraordinary production values

Exeunt Magazine

this Nottingham Playhouse production is magnificent, with a lead performance to match

British Theatre Guide

a timeless metropolis, where vintage Yankees ballers cross paths with rollerskating Harlemites

What’s On Stage

pure theatrical joy ★★★★

Jonathan Baz

a truly talented cast

Theatre World Internet Magazine

Buckhurst has a sure-fire hit on his hands

Not Exactly Billington

A polished production with some top class performances

The Break-a-Leggers

The musical was top quality and captivating ★★★★★

What’s Good To Do

Buckhurst’s production is agile and fresh

Naija Upgrade

It’s over a decade since the Nottingham Playhouse produced a musical, but boy, have they come back with a bang

Nottingham Live

a near-perfect blend of music, dancing, lighting and set design

Hucknall Dispatch

A sparkling lead turn from Rebecca Trehearn, and brilliant choreography from Alistair David

There Ought To Be Clowns

No number of critical stars could do justice to its quality, ingenuity, versatility, choreography, hilarity – and social seriousness

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