Regional Producing Theatre - A Study

Friday 19th June 2020

In 2018 Nottingham Playhouse was one of 13 venues that jointly commissioned a study on the changing role and impact of England’s major regional producing theatres. The final report was due to be published in March of this year.

The report demonstrates how the sector successfully adapted in very challenging times to deliver more for the arts nationally and communities locally, despite unprecedented cuts to public funding.

In a few short months, the situation for theatres like ours has moved from celebrating innovation and success to fearing for the future of our work supporting the places and people we are here to serve. One of the 13 theatres that commissioned the work has ceased trading.

In publishing this report now we hope, at this critical time, to ensure a wide understanding of how our impact has increasingly extended far beyond the work we present on our stages.

You can download the report here.