Wednesday 19th February 2014

A majority of County residents do not support the proposed 100% County Council funding cut to the Playhouse.

We are so grateful to all the many thousands of people who took the time and care to respond to Nottinghamshire County Council’s Budget Challenge consultation exercise, the results of which were announced last week.

Their proposal to make a 100% cut to their annual grant to the Playhouse was one of the most heavily responded-to proposals, with 63% of respondents opposing or not supporting the proposal.

According to the Council’s own figures, when it comes to proposals residents would least like to see implemented (i.e. in disagreement), the top three proposals indicated are:

  1. Savings from the Supporting People budget
  2. Changes to Employment Services
  3. To cease awarding grant aid to Nottingham Playhouse

This response chimes with the overwhelming volume of supportive messages we received at the Playhouse, and especially the number of County residents who went out of their way to express dismay that the County might entirely end its long-standing commitment to the Playhouse and our work with people of all ages.

Stephanie Sirr, Chief Executive at Nottingham Playhouse, commented:
“We understand the need for difficult cut-backs in the current economic climate, and support the County Council’s decision to put their proposals out to public consultation. We believe the county must now listen to its own consultation – the people of Nottinghamshire do not want a 100% cut to the Playhouse.”