Triggers and Advisories

We want to give you the most complete information we can about our shows, so you can have a great experience at the Playhouse.

Nottingham Playhouse is a producing theatre which means that everything is made by us, in Nottingham, during the lead up to the opening night. Our final week of rehearsals are technical rehearsals, which is when we finalise all the technical elements of the production, including lighting and sound effects. We will tell you information about the themes and the known potential triggers that are in the production as early as possible.

Below are all the known triggers at this time. If you have any concerns please call Box Office on 0115 941 9419 or email


This production contains theatrical smoke, sudden loud noises and strobe lights.
A visual Story is available for this production.

Moonlight and Magnolias

This production includes strong language and the following themes: racism, physical violence and abusive behaviour. It also includes loud/sudden noises, theatrical smoke, and cigarette smoke. It may include flashing lights and strobe lighting. There will also be real peanuts on stage, so customers with severe allergies are advised to contact the Box Office to discuss booking.

Private Peaceful

This production includes loud bangs (gun shots) sudden noises, flashing lights and theatrical smoke. It includes themes of war and death.
It may also include strobe lighting and pyrotechnics.

Oliver Twist

There will be a relaxed performance of Oliver Twist where loud noises are reduced, elements of surprise are kept to a minimum and moving around the auditorium is not a problem. Find out more about the relaxed performance of Oliver Twist here.


This production includes the following themes: sex, sexual violence, physical violence, abusive behaviour, bereavement, sudden death and prostitution. It also includes theatrical smoke, cigarette smoke and may include loud noises and flashing lights. There is strong language throughout.

First Touch

This production includes strong language and the following themes: sexual abuse of children, sexual violence and racism. It will also include theatrical haze, flashing lights and may include strobe lighting.


This production may include loud/sudden noises, flashing lights and strobe lights.